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Project Description

A simple experimental web messenger widget built using jQuery.


WarRoom is developed since Feb 2012. It is developed as a jQuery UI widget for instant messaging functionality in web applications regardless of back end server technologies.

The source code contains an demo web application for private group chats. Especially useful in the office. It is built using ASP.NET 4.0 and XML as the data store.

Prerequisites for the demo application

- IIS, .NET framework 4.0

- Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 8


Under construction.


- Draggable.
- Fade in/out on mouse event.
- List current online users.
- New message alert at the title.
- Convert messages with url strings into links.

Work in progress

- Support chat group with multiple chatrooms.
- Centralize data access and data cache.
- Implement Pub/Sub pattern.
- Support XMPP.

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